Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack with Keygen Full Version Torrent [Mac/Win]

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack + Serial Key VST Plugin Download

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack with Keygen Full Version Torrent

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack Mac + Windows

As a Producer, you want the best bass you can get – you want realism, credibility, and authenticity that delivers the most accurate and inspiring performance. Sometimes you just can’t afford the right bass driver, and some of the virtual instruments available can keep you stuck and unmotivated. Modo Bass Crack is the first technology of its kind to fully design the bass playing.

Each component that contributes to the unique tonal nature of the bass player that plays the instrument has been engineered, and the influence of each component on the other components – the interaction between each tone variant – has been re-engineered to give you dynamic live breathing and ever-changing performance. As you can see, traditional virtual instruments rely on samples, which means that the sound is produced by playing a sample from the recorded instruments.

Each bass model comes with its own bridge and neck pickup (plus a piezo underneath the bridge), but both can be freely played in the Electronic tab anywhere from the full list of 20 singles and humbuckers, and can be placed freely anywhere Between the bridge and the neck. The main pitch provides a basic reverb tilt, while triggering the active circuit to open the Bass, Middle, and Treble EQ knobs.

Multimedia requires IK World First: Eight years in development, Modo Bass Keygen (VST / AU / AAX / standalone) puts a replica of a classic 12 electric bass guitar at your fingertips, along with the technologies bass players will use to play it. Thus, the big question is whether the flexibility of physical modeling in this case sacrifices acoustic realism.

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack with Keygen Full Version Torrent

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Keygen Full Version

Enter MODO Bass – the industry’s first true physical modeling tool from groundbreaking analog modeling technology. 8 years in manufacturing and development in collaboration with one of the oldest universities in Europe, MODO Bass is an all-new instrument that offers the best of both worlds: realism and instrument sound played by top musicians and the convenience of additional virtual instruments.

Modo Bass VST Plugin includes a large pre-made library, so getting busy with it is as easy as loading and detaching it from a MIDI keyboard or piano roll editor. IK Multimedia has always been in the game for virtual machines and has built a solid reputation. Machines like the Sampletank, the T-RackS Group, and the Miroslav Philharmonik have received a lot of attention and praise. Newer products like Lurssen Mastering Console and saturator X are entering more and more studios and home projects

Modo Bass uses something IK Multimedia calls capital compositing technology – it designs every physical component of bass structure from strings, pickup and electronics to player motion. Then take all these interaction factors and add effects and amps to the signal chain. The result is a plugin that may be the last electric bass tool you need. Let’s see what’s under the hood.

The Pedals Inlcude:

  • Octaver
  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Delay
  • Envelope Filter
  • Graphic EQ


  • Repeat every electric bass sound imaginable
  • 12 iconic bass models that cover the history of recorded electric bass
  • Model of the full action of electric bass playing – players, musical instruments, FX and amp
  • Very small memory footprint
  • Choose the playing style – picking, slapping, and picking
  • Move your hands freely to play for realistic displays
  • Adjust the strength of the rope, the fingers used, and choose the thickness and technique
  • Setting rope number, gauge, setting, size, build, movement, age
  • 20 iconic bass inputs interchangeable with volume
  • Determine the active or passive electronics using the parametric equalizer
  • Eat pesos under the bridge with the mixture
  • 7 effects of the bass sound box that can be configured in a series of 4 holes
  • 2 Amp Bass – Solid State & Tube from AmpliTube
  • Global FX and bypass amp for steer
  • Optimized resizing interface


  • Easy to use .
  • All physical modeling flexibility.
  • It looks like the real thing.
  • Wonderful play.

Modo Bass 1.5.2 Crack with Keygen Full Version Torrent Download;

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