Drum Studio Acoustic One v1.2 Crack Free Download [Win & Mac]

Roland Cloud – Drum Studio Acoustic One v1.2 Crack Free Download

Drum Studio Acoustic One v1.2 Crack Free Download [Win & Mac]

Drum Studio Acoustic One v1.2 Crack Download

Classic Drum Studio kits date back to the history of craftmanship that began in the south and in Quebec. We have recorded these latest samples with modern instruments. Now these carefully recorded drum sounds are yours. Presets like Rock It, Backbeat, Wooden Hoops, Nashville, and more provide starting points in a variety of styles useful for different applications.

The main Drum Studio Acoustic One VST Crack window is organized as a group of 12 mixing channels. At the top of the window, you can select one of ten onboard kits. They range from rock music to jazz and vintage kits, with sticks, rods and tassels for each.

Drum Studio uses round robin or RRS random sampling. Play at the same speed and the RRS will randomize the samples to that unique value. Hit 95 a few times and the RRS will play different samples to avoid “automatic” playback. Then, you have settings that can change the behavior to suit your preference. This creates a more realistic, dynamic and detailed performance.

Roland Cloud – Drum Studio Acoustic One VST Crack

Roland Cloud offers many quality plug-ins, but we’ll be focusing on Drum Studio Acoustic One v1.2 VST, Roland’s cloud-based acoustic drum sample plug-in, Roland’s flagship drum service. Cloud. We’ll take a look at what Acoustic One has to offer and then briefly discuss some of the other sample-based instruments and software emulations of the company’s classic synthesizers later. System requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 (Intel Core i3 or higher) or Windows 7 SP1, and a 64-bit host or DAW that supports VST, AU or AAX plugins for instruments.

Roland Cloud Drum Studio Acoustic One VST Crack includes 6 kick drums, 5 snares, 9 toms and 7 cymbals, all sampled with different articulations and multiple microphone positions and played with drumsticks, brushes and hot rods. The collection includes a 1926 snare drum, a 1960 14×24 bass drum and many other sounds designed to give your music an authentic touch.

The Mix tab settings give you control over the combination of four microphones (dynamic, condenser, in the middle and back room), as well as the set of outputs to which the channel signal is sent. When you select Comp at the top of the channel, you are presented with an on / off switch and controls for Thresh, Gain, Ratio, Attack, Knee, and Release, all standard but effective.


  • The info tab shows users our main battery icons. These images listen to the currently selected drum.
  • The Mix tab allows you to control microphone settings.
  • The Compressor tab allows you to take advantage of the built-in Concerto compressor or a third-party compressor of your choice.
  • The Reverb tab includes four different reverb send to selected instruments with individual parameters.
  • Drum Studio uses upscaled high resolution samples.
  • Cutting-edge drum sounds recorded with state-of-the-art recording instruments.
  • RRS (Round Robin Sound) sample randomization.
  • A dynamic drum mixer with multiple microphones and effects control.


  • 407 patches, 10 rhythm sets and 867 waveforms.
  • Ultra flexible patch options.
  • Manage 128 memories as one bank.
  • Multi-effects with 78 different types of effects including Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Auto Wah, Tape Echo and many more.

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