Toontrack – DEATH & DARKNESS SDX VST Crack (SoundBank)

Toontrack – DEATH & DARKNESS SDX VST Crack Free Download

Toontrack – DEATH & DARKNESS SDX VST Crack Download

SDX is configured as two separate libraries, one for each studio. The “dead” portion of Toontrack – DEATH & DARKNESS SDX VST was recorded by Mark Lewis at his studio of choice, Sonic’s Farm in Tournello, Texas. The master room masterfully designed by Vincent Van Half at The Ranch offers unparalleled acoustics – pure and distinctive, yet dense and has a warm, resonant and balanced natural reverberation.

Death & Darkness SDX combines two world-class studios with two of the most sought-after modern metal producers: Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel and Coal Chamber) and Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Behemoth and Hatesphere). Together, they offer you a truly diverse and comprehensive range of drums, designed to suit any aspect of today’s fragmented landscape – from the wildest, explosion-prone, dead metals and light speeds to loud, hard music from metal, all hybrids inspired by the fusion of progressive metal.


With Death Metal EZX, you’ll get the twist and hit of the legendary drummer along with Mark Lewis’ geometry applied to two meticulously sampled and tuned drum sets, ready to bring your music to the future and add new life to Death Metal.

Instead, the “Dark” portion of the SDX offers a completely different experience – a darker, less polished drum tone and a more natural tone. It was recorded in the empty pool at the legendary long and legendary Tue Antfarm studio in Aarhus, Denmark. With the reflective surface of the walls and floors of solid pool tiles combined with the brick structure of the room and the high ceiling, the ambiance of this unique room heard in countless albums is unmatched.


  • Nine (9) complete sets
  • A total of 19 bass drums, 19 drums, 35 channels and others were recorded in two different studios: Sonic Ranch, TX and Antfarm Studios, Denmark.
  • Sampling with extreme attention to detail and expressiveness
  • Configured as SDXs, one per studio
  • Includes custom mix presets designed by Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen
  • Sampling of the “Death” library from legendary drummer Sean Reinert (Death, Cynic)
  • Includes MIDI performed by Sean Reinert and Jay Postones
  • 184 GB of raw drum sounds

Toontrack – DEATH & DARKNESS SDX VST Crack (SoundBank) Download;

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