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    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack + Mac Torrent Version Free Download


    May 1, 2021

    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack + Mac Torrent Version Free Download

    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack + Mac Torrent Version Download

    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack is ​​a professional multi-effect organizer that is a game-changer for the way contemporary music is made. Simply by drawing colored blocks via the sequencer, your tracks are transformed into fireworks. Repeat, Scratch, Reverse and Stretch – in real time and on the go.

    Fun, fast and intuitive

    Diverse crew of 14 high-quality, well-designed and innovative effects each one of them … starts mixing them up and painting the Matrix and the Effectrix magic begins a wide spectrum from elegant standards to splashy splashes.

    The playful method creates an atmosphere of immediacy and intuition. Factory Abundant Presets and Random, the familiar sequencer chassis will help direct and direct your creativity. Transparent workflow, optimized algorithms and accurate implementation of effect parameters lead to impressive results – fast!

    Others may have pretty faces but Effectrix is ​​more capable

    Effectrix is ​​our most popular product. Sigur Ros, Armin van Buuren, Diplo, and many other people appreciate her inspirational aspects.

    Most of all:

    it looks good. Its effects algorithms outperform the often limited creative potential of traditional multiple effects.

    Thanks to Effectrix, grid tanning effects have become a standard production method in all acoustic kitchens worldwide.

    Detailed parameters for each effect

    Each effect has two paths of modification. All parameters can be controlled via LFO, envelope followers or external MIDI devices and automate. The bottom line is: 2 parameters for each effect can be automated based on the pattern.

    You can store up to 12 different sequences within a single Effectrix preset and flip between them via on-screen controls or an external MIDI keyboard.

    The industry standard for EDM and Glitch FX

    Effectrix is ​​a compendium of highly addicting games for demanding audio inspections. With its ultra-flexible operational concept, it is your door to the wonderland of sound and boom-bust.

    Use Effectrix to enhance your rhythms, enrich them with scratches, or to give them a little more complexity by repeating, delaying, or bouncing phrases. With Tonal Delay, you can create melodies from any subject. “Stutter” provides classic portals in addition to serial animation and encapsulation (working on transients).

    Effectrix as a versatile performance tool

    Effectrix easily syncs with DAWs or any DJ software, so you can enrich Mix-out with the classics (reverb, delay, filter …) or spray some glitch and stutter effects onto your materials.

    Patterns can also be customized for whatever other MIDI inputs you are interested in and for those with some imagination, the possibilities for such a setting are remarkably broad: Styles can be set to be triggered by switching feet in the performance to liven up the excitement of the stage show.

    The Sugar Bytes name might not have existed as long as many heavyweight audio software developers, but that fact did nothing to stop Sugar Bytes from making quite a stir among producers looking for smart, innovative, and even inspirational plug-ins. We recently brought out their WOW Resonance Filter for spin and loved every minute of it, so needless to say we were excited to get our hands on the Effectrix and see what a little monster can do!

    For those who are not familiar with the Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack concept, it can best be described as “Sequencing Effects”. Therefore, since most VSTs provide a single effect that remains “on” throughout the entire path, Effectrix allows you to control up to fourteen different effects and determine when to use effects via a 32-step sequencer. The setting when the effect is triggered consists simply of paint blocks on a sequencer grid, which can be as short as one strip, or as long as eight bars. It’s a very clever principle, and aside from dBlue’s bug, it’s still relatively rare.

    As always, the GUI is the first thing that shocks you when running a new plugin. In Effectrix’s case, everything is crystal clear and very intuitive to use. The sequencer layout seems reassuringly familiar, while positioning parameter controls makes sense. The ‘rainbow’ color scheme is also very attractive to look at and adds a welcoming splash of color, especially when compared to the dull, utilitarian look of most high-end VSTs.

    All in all, Effectrix offers fourteen different effects: X-loop, loop, scratch loop, invert, stretch, vinyl, tonal delay, stutter, squish, filter, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb. Most of these should be somewhat familiar, but a couple of them are more left-wing. An X-ring, for example, is a loop effect with the built-in ability to alter pitch and buffer size, while a scratch ring delivers the strange “stop-and-start” sound of vinyl. In addition to the ability to control when the effects are played, each of them comes with additional parameters for fine-tuning the sound. Some of them are specific to a specific effect while others, like wet/dry, are common all the time. There is also a handy option to automate up to two parameters of each effect with Effectrix for more versatility.

    It should be noted that some effects sometimes resulted in a slight decrease in the volume of the output compared to the dry signal, especially when using multiple effects in unison. While this wouldn’t be a big problem for the regular effects plug-ins, the sequential nature of the effects in Effectrix meant that these volume decreases, however minor, were noticeable. However, some tweaking of single effect parameters or a dash of pressure usually fixes the problem.

    The strength of the presence of such a flexible and wide variety of effects is quickly evident after only 2 hours of use; The field of experimentation is enormous. In Effectrix’s hands, even dull and uninspiring hallways become vibrant and funky affairs. A few of the presets are provided by Sugar Bytes (as well as presets for individual effects), but really the focus is on finding your own ways to distort your arrangements, which is always a fun and rewarding experience.

    While all of the effects are of high quality, some of the more common functions – like chorus, delay, and echo – may sound a little inferior compared to some of the more outlandish audio possibilities that Effectrix allow. It’s nice to see that Sugar Bytes listed them though, and their inclusion means Effectrix is ​​capable of a wider range of votes. Not everyone is looking to completely disassemble their makeover, so it’s a relief to have some subtle effects to choose from.

    Having said that, one of the criticisms is that there are no options to give the distinctive “distorted” sound so prevalent in current music, especially among children in the electrical field. While it’s arguable that Effectrix isn’t exactly targeting the same market as bug VSTs like dBlue’s Glitch and Smartelectronix Supatrigga, Effectrix’s sequencer layout would lend itself well to the job. For example, an option to “rearrange” such as the one offered by Supatrigga could significantly expand Effectrix’s voice modulation capabilities. Perhaps such an option was not included as it would not match well with Effectrix’s impressive live broadcast capabilities …

    Sounds and presets

    Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities:

    • Play with the grooves like never before. Put a frequency on the trap completely, insert delay lines in specific places in your groove, and create new types of sounds by repeating loops or scratched objects. Effectrix comes with an endless depth of possibilities
    • Modify your rhythms, create new beats, reverse parts and other durations and apply delay lines; Even create melodies with adhesives. If you like, do it all at once. Do it your way!

    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Crack + Mac Torrent Version Free Download

    Effectrix VST 1.5.5 Features

    • 16-step sequencer with speed divider
    • 14 simultaneous effects from classic to advanced
    • Mention 12 patterns via MIDI keyboard
    • Swing feature
    • Copy/paste, mess button, loop length
    • Unique parameters for each effect
    • 2 adjustable tracks
    • Hundreds of global preset with every effect

    System Requirements:


    • OS X 10.9 or higher – Apple Silicon M1 supported (64-bit only)


    • AAX
    • Audio Unit (AU)
    • Standalone Application
    • VST2


    • Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only)


    • AAX
    • Standalone Application
    • VST2

    important note:

    • This program is only available in 64-bit format for both Windows and macOS and will not work on 32-bit systems.
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