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Krotos Everything Bundle Audio Plugin 2022 Crack [Win] Full Free


Feb 6, 2022

Krotos Everything Bundle Audio Plugin Full Crack Free Download

Krotos Everything Bundle Audio Plugin Crack [Win] Free

Krotos Everything Bundle Audio Plugin Crack For PC Download

Krotos libraries and extensions provide users with powerful, high-speed audio design creation for post-production, audio and game music. Create monsters, animals, robots, weapons, and foley as well as another unique sound, sound, and sound effects. Krotos Everything Bundle Audio Plugin Crack develops creativity and shortens the critical path from your imagination to the final mix. Download Krotos accessories with confidence here, read customer reviews and comments on Krotos, and feel free to download.

The Krotos Everything Pack combines the complete Krotos plugin catalog and the full Krotos Audio Library suite to provide the best content and best package they have ever produced.

Krotos Everything Bundle Full Pack + Torrent

The Sound Design Bundle 2 lets you design Objects, Animals, Weapons, Vehicles, Steps, Foley, and other unique sound effects, by offering flexible, innovative, and effective workflows for sound design, audio post-production, and audio applications for games. The critical path from your imagination to the final mix.

The Sound Design Bundle 2 includes the full range of Krotos products: Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank, Krotos Bundle 1, Battle Bundle, and Footsteps Bundle – all in one discounted package.

Equip your studio with the world’s most powerful sound design software and sound effects packages which will allow you to design and implement unique and unrestricted sound effects while injecting more fun into the process.

Software Included:

Fully charged weapon

Weaponiser is a comprehensive solution for layering and sound design of weapons, offering a comprehensive library of professionally recorded weapons, carefully designed presets, with advanced tuning, in real-time.

Reformer Pro

Reformer Pro lets you design, automate and implement any real-time sound effects like never before – using the world’s first dynamic input.

The ignition tank:

The igniter is the new industry standard for easily creating real-world or SF vehicle sounds, a complete system that provides for the first time a dynamic, high-performance approach to vehicle audio design.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded

Experience the advanced dynamic asset creation plugin for layering, variations, and weapon sound design. Your Weaponiser Libraries can be easily imported, stacked & sequenced for a transformed workflow.

Reformer Pro

Discover a new approach to designing textures with the award-winning and patented technology that lets you design, automate, and perform sound effects in real-time. It utilizes the world’s first Dynamic Input.

Igniter Full Tank

The igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle sounds with ease – a complete system that brings a dynamic and performable approach to vehicle sound design for the first time.

Dehumaniser 2

In essence, Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processor, perfect for designing a huge range of complex vocal sound effects. Dehumaniser allows you to jump right into your creative work and easily produce creatures, monsters, robots, and other extreme vocal sound effects by using over 200 presets.

Dehumanizer Simple Monsters

Dehumanizer Simple Monsters is the fastest and easiest way to create extreme vocal effects for movies, music, games, and animation.

Concept 2

Explore intuitive drag & drop modulation and a swift patch-building workflow for cinematic effects, composition, and music with the first Krotos soft-synth, Concept!

Simple Concept

Simple Concept is an interactive and easy-to-use soft-synth powered by Krotos’ Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface. With a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls, Simple Concept lets you focus on your music.

Libraries included:

Krotos Bundle 1 is an impressive collection of 1199 high-quality sound effects to use with Reformer Pro, giving you everything you need to explore Reformer Pro to its full potential.

Battle Pack

The Weaponiser Battle Bundle features 5,854 high-quality battle sounds – from sword attacks and birds of prey to chains, shields, medals, combat fights, the body drops, and shocks.

Steps package

The Weaponiser Footsteps Pack offers a comprehensive set of dynamic footwear, step, and deck elements from 1885 to a flexible and responsive sound design.


  • Three professional tools for photography, games, and sound design
  • Contains Dehumaniser 2, Fully Loaded Weaponiser, and Reformer Pro with Krotos 1 Pack
    Simplify your process and discover new approaches to designing any sound effect, including – but not limited to – creatures, animals, weapons, textures, vehicles, foley, synthesis, and other unique sound effects
  • Boosting creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix.
  • Supported formats: VST2 / AU / AAXnative

System Requirements:

  • For Intel Mac computers with a 2.4GHz dual-core Intel processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Review the product pages for compatibility with the operating system
  • For Windows 2.4GHz Intel Dual Core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Review the product pages for compatibility with the operating system

Additional Information:

  • This software is a digital download
  • Formats (64-bit only): AAX Native, VST, AU
  • Minimum sample rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
  • An internet connection is required at the time of activation
  • An iLok account (available for free vstpatch.net) is required to activate and use both the demo and full version of the software
  • Igniter licenses cannot be resold or moved between iLok Accounts (contact support for details)
  • An or later is required for dongle use
  • Supported host applications: Pro Tools (11 or later), Logic Pro X, Nuendo 8.2.10 or above, Cubase, Reaper, and Ableton Live 10 and above.

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