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    Pianoteq Pro Crack 7.2.0 plus Serial Key 2021 (Win/Mac) Free Download


    Apr 9, 2021

    Pianoteq Pro Crack 7.2.0 plus Serial Key 2021 (Win/Mac) Free Download

    Pianoteq Pro Crack is the ultimate product for professional songwriters and recording studios and has proven to be an indispensable tool in many recording projects, from movie soundtracks and TV commercials to the latest hits. An instrument creation and sound shaping tool, allowing you to create your own unique sounds that will enrich your projects. The PRO version works with internal sample rates up to 192 kHz. With the powerful note editing function, you can adjust the physical parameters for specific ranges and even note by note. You can also turn any Pianoteq instrument into multiple instruments using advanced keyboard splits of up to 105 notes (related to octave range instruments).

    Pianoteq Pro Crack 7.2.0 plus Serial Key 2021 Free Download

    Notes editor

    The note editor is designed so that you can work with it effectively – it saves you time and increases your creativity. In addition, its spectrum profile editor allows you to configure each additional note for each note, providing you with thousands of sound combinations to help you find your unique instrument.

    Editing loud notes

    Pianoteq PRO provides note-by-note editing of at least 30 parameters:

    • Amount
    • Deaton
    • Dynamic
    • Show harmony
    • Harmony balance
    • Live sound duration
    • Hammer hardness piano
    • Rock hammer hardness
    • Hammer hardness
    • Spectral file
    • Hammer noise
    • Strike point
    • Symmetry capture
    • Throw distance
    • Impedance
    • court
    • The Q factor
    • Chain length
    • Sympathetic resonance
    • Consistent point pinch
    • Echo duplexer
    • Damper position
    • Damping time
    • silence
    • Noise dampener
    • Big launch noise
    • Energy blooms
    • Inertial blooms
    • Post-touch sensitivity
    • Hammer noise

    Key features

    • Virtual machine with physical style
    • Adjustable physical parameters
    • Play sympathetic resonance
    • fine tune
    • Torque frequency and effects
    • Note by note settings
    • Supports audio up to 192 kHz
    • Independent
    • AAX, audio units, RTAS, VST
    • Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

    Pianoteq’s Pianoteq 6 PRO is a virtual piano that uses physical modeling to simulate the properties and behaviors of real acoustic pianos. With a download size of just 40MB, installation is quick and easy, allowing the program to be used on any modern laptop with a MIDI keyboard controller.

    The PRO version is tailored for the creative composer and demanding studio engineer, and the main differences from the standard and stage versions are the ability to set twenty-eight parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with sound up to 192 kHz. Additionally, any instrument can be transformed into a multiple instrument using advanced keyboard splits for up to 105 notes.

    The program comes in three flavors with a choice of two at the time of purchase. They include acoustic pianos (D4 and K2 grand pianos), electric instruments (R2 and W1 electric pianos and CL1 clavinet), and color percussion (V-B and V-M vibrations, xylophone and marimba). Additional optional tools can be purchased at any time and loaded into the program.

    What’s new in Pianoteq Pro Crack 7.2.0?

    1. Refined attack pattern and sound panel, adding more clarity and originality
    2. Works with directional microphones like heart and figure 8
    3. Fifteen well-known brand microphones are designed to increase the available audio color palette
    4. The microphones can be rotated in 3 dimensions and linked together for positioning, with control over polarity and proximity effect.

    Pianoteq Pro Crack 7.2.0 plus Serial Key 2021 Free Download full

    Pianoteq Pro 7.2.0 Characteristics:

    • Virtual machine with physical style
    • Includes a choice of two tool packages
    • Adjustable physical parameters include Harmony Width, Octave Stretch, Hammer Stiffness, Soundboard, String
    • Length, Sympathetic Resonance, and Dual Scale Resonance
    • Note-by-note editing allows the modification of twenty-eight parameters for each note on the keyboard
    • Progressive timbre divergence (uses all 127 MIDI velocities)
    • Control of the dynamics and volume of the bell
    • Sympathetic realistic resonance, including double scale
    • Microtuning supports Scala format
    • Adjustable mechanical noise (sample or modeling)
    • Built-in graphic equalizer
    • Integrated graphical curve for key velocity, note taking, and pedal
    • Keyboard Calibration Wizard
    • Eight pedal types can be customized for the four pedals in the user interface: Sustain, Sostenuto, Super
    • Sustenuto, Harmonic, Una Korda, Celeste, Rattle, Oud Stop
    • Progressive pedal, allowing partial pedal effects
    • Torsion resonance
    • Effects include vibrating, ooh wah, compressor, delay, flanger, chorus, compressor,
    • Hammer kick (repeat observation)
    • Tool condition (impeccable to worn)
    • Variable cover placement
    • Five adjustable microphone
    • Multichannel – up to five channels
    • No quantum noise (32-bit internal computation)
    • Supports audio up to 192 kHz
    • Install and download in seconds
    • Very small file size (about 40MB)
    • Excellent for use on modern notebook computers
    • Extended key range (105 keys = 8 + 2/3 octaves) for D4 and K2 grand pianos
    • Free tools include a historical KIViR kit, bells and carnations
    • Optional instruments are available for purchase including straight piano, grand piano, rock piano, electric piano, vibraphone, clavinet, celesta + glucanspiel, xylophone + marimba, and iron knobs

    Note-by-note adjustments

    • amount
    • Deaton
    • Dynamics
    • Show harmony
    • Harmony balance
    • Duration of Live Sound
    • Hammer Hardness Piano
    • Hammer hardness mezo
    • Hammer hardness
    • Spectral file
    • Hammer noise
    • Strike Point
    • Symmetry capture
    • Shooting distance
    • Impedance
    • cut
    • The Q factor
    • Chain length
    • Ringing note
    • Damper position
    • Damping time
    • silent
    • Damper noise
    • Major launch noise
    • Energy blooms
    • Inertia blooms
    • Post-touch sensitivity
    • Hammer noise

    MODARTT Pianoteq 7 Pro harnesses the power of state-of-the-art physical modeling to bring you stunning, ultra-adjustable virtual pianos and other instruments that are perfect for professional composers and studios working on a variety of demanding projects. A sophisticated tool for sound shaping and instrument creation, Pianoteq Pro allows you to adjust 30 parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with audio up to 192 kHz. Use its powerful note editing feature to adjust the physical characteristics of specific ranges, or note by note. Create advanced keyboard splits to place parts for various instruments. Easily create your own signature sounds to enhance your productions. Version 7 brings numerous refinements to its physical model and sound engine, as well as exciting new morphing and layering features.

    Pianoteq 7 comes in three versions, Stage, Standard and Pro, the latter being the most advanced. In addition to 192 kHz audio quality, Pianoteq Pro gives you access to the full range of physical parameters, thousands of editable overtones, and all five microphone positions. Also includes four instrument packs of your choice.

    The advantages of physical modeling

    Physical modeling offers three important advantages over samples. As the process models the individual components of an acoustic instrument, modeled virtual instruments are particularly adept at simulating their complex behavior and performance characteristics. Second, since these components are individually modeled, you have full control over them. On a piano, for example, you can adjust basic parameters such as pedal state, snare resonance, and mechanical noise. Additionally, the Standard and Pro versions of the Pianoteq 7 give you access to unique physical parameters such as the position of the top, the sympathetic resonance of the string, the width of unison, the octave stretch, the length of the string, the hardness of the hammer, soundboard, duplex scale resonance and more. Lastly, because they are modeled rather than sample-based, the file sizes are a mere fraction of those offered by other virtual piano instruments, making them ideal for laptop deployments.

    Transformation and stratification

    Last time we checked, instruments like XyloHarp, VibraDrum, and GlockenTines don’t exist in the real world. But in the world of physical modeling, anything is possible. That’s why you’ll find these intriguing hybrid instruments in Pianoteq, thanks to the software’s innovative Morphing feature, which is new to Pianoteq 7 Standard and Pro. Morphing is handled at the physical modeling level, lending sonic authority and gleaming acoustic authenticity to instruments. that never existed. By popular demand, Pianoteq 7’s new layering feature (again, available in Standard and Pro versions) allows you to mix various instruments by playing, for example, a low marimba in the low range, a xylophone in the high range, and a mix of both in the mid-range. Although Morphing and Layering may look similar, the difference is that with Layering, two instruments are mixed, while Morphing alters the instrument at the molecular level (so to speak).

    Improve physical modeling with dual polarization

    With Pianoteq 7, MODARTT introduces a new refinement to its physical model: double polarization. That? Simply put, dual polarization involves modeling the vibrations of the strings that can vibrate in any direction, either parallel or perpendicular to the resonance box. The result is that this improved physical model allows for more complex tones that are three-dimensional, as heard from the pianist’s perspective. It also allows for a longer, sharper sustain in the low range, producing notes that can be sustained for about two minutes, just like on a real acoustic piano. All the pianos in Pianoteq 7 have been re-expressed using this new “double polarized” physical model.

    The world’s best pianos, including New York’s majestic Steinway D

    MODARTT has collaborated with top piano makers including Steinway & Sons, Steingraeber & Söhne, Bechstein, Blüthner, Grotrian and Petrof, all of whom have approved of the sound and playability of their physically modeled concert grand pianos on Pianoteq. 7. In cooperation with Steinway & Sons, MODARTT has modeled a stunning new D Concert Grand in New York’s legendary Steinway Hall. The reference piano was the first to be produced of the company’s new flagship instrument, which has been played by some of today’s most famous pianists. The New York Steinway Model D accompanies the current Pianoteq Hamburg Steinway D and provides the famous Steinway concert piano sound with unmatched musical expression.

    Pianos that come to life at your fingertips

    What is truly amazing about MODARTT Pianoteq 7 is its realism. Play a key on your MIDI controller and it’s like there’s a piano there that you can play and play. That’s because the MODARTT Pianoteq 7 creates piano sound in real time, taking into account all the complex factors that make the piano so vivid. You will hear the interplay between the strings, the use of the pedals, the resonance of the cabinet, and the position of the hammers. From the most delicate pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo, whatever you express on the keyboard will sound pure and natural through Pianoteq 7.

    Enter your own piano workshop and create the piano sound of your dreams

    The many adjustable parameters in Pianoteq 7 make it possible not only to adapt the existing adapted piano model, but also to create new piano sounds. This is one of the advantages of a truly modeled piano – it opens up new possibilities for the creative musician. Go ahead and tweak everything from hammer hardness to string tuning and temperament to reverb, resonance, brightness, timbre, and more. Build your music with instruments that are as unique as the music itself.

    An efficient plugin that you can easily run on your laptop

    At Sweetwater, we have better things to do than wait for plugins to load, and we know you do too. Thanks to its fairly modest system requirements, the Pianoteq 7 can easily be run on a modern laptop, perfect for the musician on the go. Also, its small size (less than 50MB) and streamlined interface mean fast loading time. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re ready to roll.

    MODARTT Pianoteq 7 Pro Virtual Piano Plug-in Features:

    • Physically modeled virtual instrument: small footprint, unlimited adjustability
    • Includes collection of historical KIViR instruments, bells and chimes.
    • Unique adjustable physical parameters such as unison width, octave stretch, hammer hardness, resonance box, string length, sympathetic resonance, duplex scale resonance
    • Transformation and stratification functions *
    • Progressive timbre variation (uses all 127 MIDI velocities)
    • Dynamics control on timbre and volume
    • Polyphonic aftertouch (particularly useful for the harpsichord)
    • Realistic sympathetic resonances, including duplex scaling
    • Microtuning, compatible with Scala * format
    • Adjustable mechanical noise
    • Built-in graphic equalizer
    • Built-in graphical curve for key velocity, note off, and pedal
    • Keyboard Calibration Wizard
    • 10 types of pedals (assignable to 4 UI pedals): Sustain, Soft, Harmonic, Sostenuto, Super Sostenuto, Rattle, Buff
    • Stop, Celeste, Pinch Harmonic, Glissando
    • Progressive Sustain Pedal Allows Partial Pedal Effects
    • Convolution reverb
    • Effects: Tremolo, Wah, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Fuzz, Delay, Amp, Compressor, Mini-EQ
    • Mallet Bounce (Note Repeat)
    • Instrument condition (mint to vintage)
    • Variable lid position *
    • 5 adjustable microphone positions *
    • Multichannel: up to 5 channels *
    • 32-bit internal calculation without quantization noise
    • Generates high-resolution MIDI formats CC # 88 and Disklavier XP
    • Small file size (less than 50MB); installs and loads in seconds; perfect for laptops
    • Extended key range (105 keys = 8 + 2/3 octaves) for Steinway D and K2 grand pianos
      64-bit host / operating system
    • Optional instruments available separately: grand pianos, uprights, electric pianos, harp, vibraphones, clavinet, celesta and glockenspiel, xylophone and marimba, steel pans
    • Extended key range: 105 keys (8 + 2/3 octaves) for Steinway D and K2 grand pianos
    • Includes 4 instrument packs of your choice
    • * Available in Standard and Pro versions

    Pianoteq Pro Serial Key:




    Technical Information:

    • Software Type: Modeled piano virtual instruments
    • Platform: Mac, PC
    • Upgrade/Full: Full
    • Download/Boxed: Download
    • Bit Depth: 64-bit
    • Format: AAX Native, VST, AU, Standalone, NKS
    • Hardware Requirements – Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
    • Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
    • OS Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.9 or later
    • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 7 SP1 or later
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 12-41380

    System Requirements:


    • Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 Bit)
    • min. 256 MB RAM and 1,6 GHz CPU (Multicore recommended)
    • Standalone, VST, RTAS, AAX


    • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (32/64 Bit)
    • min. 256 MB RAM and 1,6 GHz Intel CPU (Multicore recommended)
    • Standalone, VST, RTAS, AU, AAX

    How to crack and install Pianoteq?

    1. Always restart your device or system for a correct installation
    2. Disable the antivirus program if you have your own computer
    3. Follow the instructions in the file
    4. Finally, it’s over and enjoys it!


    I wouldn’t be surprised if a few existing Pianoteq users feel overwhelmed by version 6’s lack of any new killer feature or any provision of a new tool. However, they’d be wrong: This is an important release that offers improvements for every sound in the Pianoteq Board while retaining the immersive and responsive playback capability it has long been known for. Crucially also, the update from any previous version is only 29 € so stop complaining.

    For new buyers, there is often a disagreement between Pianoteq and one of the usual suspect specimens. In the past, a sampled grand piano could outperform the piano in terms of absolute realism, but not anymore. Pianoteq – its vocal branches in particular – still has a quality of its own, and if that doesn’t suit your taste, you might be happier looking elsewhere. But if you click on it, there will be a lot to enjoy: everything from lean system requirements, through unparalleled expandability and sound design, to class-leading gameplay. It really is a great virtual tool, by all accounts.

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